Whether you’re moving cities after a chance to work remotely or upsizing for your growing family, it’s always a wonderful feeling to find your next dream home. 

So now that you’ve navigated the buying process, it’s time for packing, carrying, and adjusting to a new place. With kids out of school for summer, they can either be helpful or add on to what you have to manage during a move. Kids get attached to the routines and environments of a home, and it can be stressful for them to learn they have to move away from their friends or favorite playground. However, involving kids in the moving process can help them ease into the transition. 

To help you have an easy, melt-down-free move with your kids, we’ve put together 10 must-read tips.


1. Talk About The Move As Soon As Possible

It is best to tell your kids as soon as you decide to move. This way, they can have as much time as possible to process the upcoming change. Make sure to provide details about the move, including where you are going, the name of their new school, and the reason you are moving. 

For younger kids who may not understand what it means to be “leaving” what they are familiar with, also highlight what they can expect. For example, confirm that the pets will be coming along or that visits to see their grandparents are still possible. 


2. Visit The New Neighborhood  

Before the permanent move, take a trip to the new neighborhood so your kids can visually associate with the new environment. You can show them their new school, nearby playgrounds, and places to eat. Also, give your kid a positive memory in the neighborhood by taking them to a fun landmark or activity being hosted. It can help your kid be excited about the move.


3. Involve Your Kids In The Moving Process

Not only can you get a helping hand, but allowing your kids to be involved with the moving process will help them feel more in control of the changes. It can also be fun for them when you let them be part of yard sales or pick their top three choices for repainting walls. Before the move, allow your kids to pack some of their own boxes and create a to-do list with simple jobs they can accomplish. 


4. Allow Kids To Say Goodbye And Stay In Touch

One of the main stressors for kids during a move is having to say goodbye. You can host a goodbye party inviting friends and neighbors to celebrate the time your family spent there. For younger kids, on moving day, give them time to say goodbye to each room in the house. 

It can also feel scary for kids to have to make new friends, so giving your kid a way to stay in touch with their old friends can help ease this stress. For example, set up an email address for them to distribute.


5. Pack Moving-Day Bags With Favorite Items

An overnight bag is important for your last night in your old home and your first night in your new one. Explain to your kid that they should include everything in the bag they want close by for the move and the week it may take to unpack everything. Make sure to include their favorite toys, books, or blankets. You can also add treats or games as a surprise for when you arrive at the new home. 


6. Consider A Kid-Friendly Moving Company 

With so much to do on moving day, your kid can easily feel overlooked during the process. Some moving companies have special services to take care of your kids. Whether it’s providing them with creative activities to engage in or offering childcare services, it’s worth the time to look around for a kid-friendly company. 


7. Unpack Your Kids Bedroom First

Having familiar items in the new home can help your kids have something to hold on to for comfort during the hustle and bustle of a move. By unpacking your kid’s bedroom first, they can feel at home and easily visualize how they fit into the new space. If you can, also try to pack your kid’s bedroom last so they can always see things they care about before the move and after.


8. Let Them Decorate Their Room 

Another reason to unpack your kid’s bedroom first is this gives them something to do while you tackle the rest of the house. Let your kid decorate their new room, put things on their bookshelves, or do art projects for the walls. Allowing them to be part of the conversation of what new items to include in their room can also help them get excited about living there. 


9. Stay Patient, Understanding, And Positive

It can take time for kids to adjust to a new space, so be patient with the unexpected reactions they may have. Choose your battles and allow them to do things that can make them happy during this transition. Maybe they want to wear their superhero costume on moving day or indulge in a late-night snack. The little things can really help your kids adjust emotionally. Also, try your best to stay positive as kids can easily pick up on your energy and reflect it. 


10. Keep Previous Routines After The Move

Similar family schedules and routines can provide comfort and best support your kid with settling into the new environment. Ideas include:

  • Arranging the furniture in the same way in the living room.
  • Sticking to the same bedtime routines.
  • Keeping up family traditions such as park days or Saturday brunch.


Moving with kids can be easy and smooth with these tips!
– The Zion Team

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