Clients, friends, and family,

I want to personally thank you for allowing me and our Team to serve you in 2022 in any capacity. Whether it was consulting with you on Financing, Real Estate, or Business Mergers and Acquisitions we thank you for the opportunity from the bottom of our hearts.

When I reflect on 2022 the word that most stands out is GRATITUDE.  I’m so thankful to God for His grace and support throughout the year.  As we transitioned from a season of some of the lowest interest rates in decades to now heading into turbulent economic times going into 2023, I am thankful for the successes and growth opportunities we experienced in 2022. 

Just a few 2022 Accomplishments to share:

  • We expanded our infrastructure to support growth opportunities for our Clients in 2023.  We are now a Nationwide Direct Lender for investors in the “Fix & Flip” market for residential and small commercial multi-family properties.
  • We expanded into Medical Practice mergers and acquisitions.
  • Though there were changes in the economy causing interest rates to increase substantially triggering a slowdown in real estate sales and financing, as a Company, The Zion Group continued to donate 15% of gross revenues to charities and ministries.

Zion Capital Commercial and Mortgage:

  • Successfully increased lending sources in non-traditional financing markets such as rehab loans for residential and small commercial investment properties.  
  • Successfully expanded into lending opportunities for Foreign Nationals for purchasing and investing in residential and commercial properties.  

Zion Realty and Commercial:

  • We experienced a drop in activity in 2022 due to a much higher concentration on financing opportunities for our clients.  Our goal in 2023 is to build a team of new agents passionate about helping families build wealth through real estate.

Zion Business Brokerage:

Our Business Brokerage division experienced good growth as we assisted more Medical Professionals in the Dental and Chiropractic industries with purchasing and selling their Practices.  We will continue our efforts in these industries to assist more Medical Professionals with growing their businesses in 2023.  

We anticipate growing this division by adding Merger and Acquisition Consultants to the team who are eager to serve small business owners.

A few high-level Goals for 2023:

  • Continue the goal to serve over one hundred families in the areas of Real Estate, Financing, and Business Expansion.
  • Increase our Team with new Agents, Loan Consultants, Merger and Acquisition Consultants, and supporting team members to meet our Company demand for creating an excellent customer experience for all our Clients / Zion Family Members.
  • Increase our charitable contributions in the areas of Church Ministries that serve our community’s most basic needs such as food, shelter, and family support programs.

As we head into 2023, we want to be well-prepared for the economic challenges ahead.  With the threat of a “Recession” looming over us for 2023, we want to be strategic in our planning and positioning to take advantage of wealth growth opportunities for our Clients.  

Let us be a part of serving you as you plan for your growth in 2023.  Let’s schedule a free Asset Review and Planning session in the coming weeks and months so we can be in alignment with your future plans and goals.  However, and most important to us, we just want to check in with you and the family to stay connected.

We are looking forward to serving you in 2023 and the years to come.


Keith McLaurin,

President & CEO


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